Build Better with Better Solutions

We offer a wide array of Changlin heavy machinery and construction equipment from vibratory roller, motor grader, wheel loader, hydraulic excavator, forklift, Daemo breakers and many more. 

Heavy Machinery

Wheel Loader, Vibratory Roller, Motor Grader, Backhoe Loader, Excavator etc


Daemo hydraulic breakers, a genuine Korean product perfect for rock excavation and demolition.


Powered Forklift ranging from 1-10 Ton made from the best German steel materials.


What sets us apart

B & F Group has tackled the construction equipment industry victoriously, we are also committed to tackle our client’s heart with the quality you need to be successful.

We are presently the only local assembly factory in Malaysia for Changlin’s series of construction machinery.

  • 48 years of experience
  • Local assemble
  • 5S-oriented workplace
  • Readily available spare parts
  • Competitive Costs
  • Trusted & Reliable
  • Comprehensive service
  • Excellent after-sales support


We believe that only the best can build the best.

Every demanding industry either construction, agriculture, manufacturing or mining, needs heavy duty heavy equipment to complete daily tasks productively. 

We believe that only the best can build the best. 

That is why B&F Group centralizes in manufacturing, distributing and leasing certifiable products and services to get the job done efficiently. 

We understand how industries work so we strive hard to meet their standards. For example, civil engineering requires construction equipment that can complete the job with no delay. Hence, we ensure all our construction machinery such as motor grader, wheel loader, vibratory roller, excavator machine and backhoe loader are ready to go for heavy labor.

Heavy machinery and its parts have been our forte since almost a century ago. If you’re looking for a reliable industrial equipment supplier, look no further than B&F Group.