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How much can a construction loader lift?

Smartly utilise and make the most out of construction loader that is available.

Depending on the size of a construction project, you may need different construction loader to operate different activities at site. But, it isn’t an ideal choice for all project managers right?

We all want to minimise expenses where we can. Also, more heavy machinery means more maintenance costs. So, listen up!

We are on your side. Did you know that you can do alot using only construction wheel loaders? Here are the tips to maximise the use of a wheel loader in construction industry.

The basics of a construction loader

A construction loader can typically lift two or three cubic yards whereas, mid-sized and larger loaders have the capacity to lift up to 20 cubic yards or more. The only way to determine this capacity of this heavy equipment is by looking out for the bucket size. And, the bucket size is determined by the engine output, hydraulic flow capacity and machine weight that you require for your site projects.

1. Easy Maintenance

Before looking at the convenient features of a construction loader, you should understand how to use the machinery first. Get comfortable with the technology that is under the hood and later you will be able to handle small maintenances yourself. It helps you to reduce the overall costs and downtime of the machinery in the long run. Your operators too will feel more confident using heavy machinery that is maintained well.

2. Convenient Features

Now, you can consider the construction loader’s convenient features. A comfortable space to work and easy-to-operate components in the machinery will go a long way.

It surely does decrease downtime and increase productivity. Some of the features you should consider are the ergonomic operator’s station, intuitive controls, suspension sets and good visibility out of the cab’s window. These features may look like they don’t contribute much in the efficiency of work but operators know why we place importance in them.

Another way to decrease downtime during construction work is to increase working hours whenever possible provided the loaders are able to function efficiently too. So, with the convenient features and well-maintained wheel loader, you are sure to maximise the use of the heavy equipment.

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3. Efficient and fuel-saving

The efficiency of a wheel loader can determine the productivity of construction workload.

Before deciding to invest in a wheel loader in Malaysia, make sure you are convinced that it can function efficiently 90% of the working period. You don’t want to spend more time on fixing the machinery.

Instead, make sure to look at the quality and productivity its features to meet your project requirements, due dates and higher travel speed. The more the miles per hour, the quicker the cycle times will be. When construction projects incorporate a wheel loader with other machinery like an excavator during times of underground work, there will be great consumption of fuel since more than one machinery is at work.

So, the best way to handle fuel management is by looking out for auto-idle shutdown, fuel management systems or economy modes and engine idle management. 

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4. Quality Components

Another feature that determines the work efficiency rate is the quality of operating ramps or inclines.

They contribute to better work productivity which brings to greater uptime. A higher speed transmission can get the operator to improve work productivity and help reduce the fuel costs for the inclines.

Wheel loader manufacturers use specific lubricants as catalysts. So, you need to understand how the systems of the inclines or ramps work.

Typically these inclines or ramps consume time for regeneration purposes. So, the shorter the regeneration period, the lower the downtime for operations.

Hence, opt for a loader with a good cooling system and has easy access for cleaning. This way, components will be well-maintained too.

Operator tips

As the title speaks for itself, increasing work efficiency of construction loaders does not necessarily need to be complicated or costly. Focusing on little details when operating them could suffice. Some of the tips are:

  • Use the Y loading pattern to load the truck
  • Wheel loader operator to match the loading tool size with truck
  • Wheel loader operator to maximise loading efficiency with on-board scales

Be intelligent at increasing wheel loader efficiency for construction projects.

All in all, you can make the most out of a wheel loader with the aspects mentioned above and they will save you from unnecessary costs. We always want you to save up for emergency purposes. We find these ways workable.

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