Choose the right wheel loader bucket

The right wheel loader bucket attachment can maximize work efficiency and productivity.

One of the ways to minimize wear on your wheel loader is to have suitable wheel loader buckets for your site works. However, this selection is not evidently prioritized by contractors which shouldn’t be the way.

With the options given below, you will know the various types of wheel loader buckets. As well as, some of the important elements to consider when picking one for a specific application.


What are the types of wheel loader buckets?

General-purpose bucket

The general-purpose bucket is universally used and known for the best function of maximum filling and material retention. So, this heavy-duty attachment is good for a wide array of applications if your project work handles more than one job and material. This wheel loader bucket well suits stockpiling and rehandling.

Light material bucket

If your project works with loose-packed, light material loads such as coal, wood chips, peat moss light material bucket are specially designed for you. This wheel loader bucket has a low carrying capacity in which you might think it could be a waste of money in investing in it.

Little did you know that having a bigger capacity wheel loader bucket will only take space to your storage area. They then produce wastage since the materials carried are not par to its maximum capability.

Multipurpose buckets

Multipurpose wheel loader buckets are basically versatile as they work for a wide option of applications. They include dozing, material handling, back-filling, back-dragging, light grading, grappling, excavating, high dumping and many more other uses. This type of bucket typically has a high carrying capacity. It worth your investment if your project involves a variety of materials.

Rock bucket

Rock buckets are specialized in handing materials such as rocks and concrete debris in mining, quarry and large-scale road applications. They incredibly withstand heavy abuses from such heavy materials making them versatile.

Woodchip bucket

The most common industries that use a woodchip wheel loader bucket are the landscaping, agricultural, forestry and other light plant matter applications. You can also use this wheel loader bucket in the woodchip industry to collect and place piles of woodchips for use.

To add, you too have the option to customize your wheel loader buckets from selected manufacturers. You shall come across buckets that specialise for specified applications such as for side dumping, trash or scrap grappling, coal, produce, silage, fertilizer and more. So, this option will be a great choice for you if you have the budget and storage capacity for a wider collection of wheel loader bucket attachments.


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How is a wheel loader bucket capacity measured?

There are several procedures you can follow to ensure you are wisely picking your wheel loader bucket attachment options:

1. Look for your wheel loader’s manual. It informs on the bucket attachments it can safely and effectively support.

2. Review the specs of bucket attachments to comply with the original manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Identify the average density of materials your wheel loader needs to handle on a daily basis.

4. Select the bucket according to the heaviest material you use in your project. Also, account for increased material density when it is wet.

5. General purpose bucket – for day-to-day material handling with different densities.

6. Light material bucket – when handling large loads of lighter materials.

7. Multipurpose bucket – when handling granular and irregularly shaped materials.

All in all, always be mindful that you should never push your wheel loader beyond its specified limits. You will then only reduce its performance efficiency and increase wear and tear of the equipment.


A wheel loader bucket determines your wheel loader performance.

The versatility of a wheel loader bucket complements work efficiency and cost effectiveness of projects that involve wheel loaders in a variety of industries.

As a whole, we want to make your bucket picking experience easy. Being one of the leading heavy machinery manufacturers in Malaysia, we assure you to provide the best heavy machinery and attachment solutions for your project needs.

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